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Golden South Sea Pearls

goldpearlThis month we celebrate the PEARL!

Have you taken a good look at the gorgeous Golden South Sea Pearl? If you are wondering whether this is the true color of the pearl, the answer is YES! Pearls form inside an oyster (see a quick diagram) or in the case of the South Sea pearls, a Pinctada maxima oyster, which is generally larger than other saltwater ones.

Image from Gift of Bob & Maria Pratsch

Image from Gift of Bob & Maria Pratsch

As with all pearls, the value of is determined by several factors: size, shape, color, luster, surface quality and nacre quality. Did you know that besides white, and this beautiful gold, pearls also come in quite a variety of colors? The South Sea pearls take on the color of oyster host, so these Golden South Sea pearls are formed in an oyster with a golden hue.

Pearl color is made up of the BODYCOLOR – which is the dominant color, the OVERTONE which is a translucent color that covers the bodycolor (without hiding it), and the ORIENT which is the iridescent shimmer we love. Now, while all pearls have Bodycolor that is obvious to see, the Overtone and Orient may not always be noticeable.

Luster is very important in determining the value of a pearl.

  • Excellent luster: reflections are bright, sharp and “in focus”
  • Good luster: bright reflections but not quite as sharp and sometimes a bit hazy around the edges
  • Fair luster: weaker reflections, a bit hazy and a little blurred
  • Poor luster: dim and diffused reflections

Surface quality means the amount of imperfections in the pearl. Because pearls are natural, they will never look as smooth as something manufactured, but that is part of the beauty. The fewer the abrasions or scratches or even a crease, of course the higher the value. But all pearls have variations in their surface.

Nacre quality affects the luster. If the nacre is good quality it can improve the luster. (Nacre is the hard, shiny surface on the inside of the osyter shell)

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