Treatments, Enhancements, or Simulants

Diamonds have the most intense and complicated grading system for gems in the jewelry industry and have so many treatments, enhancements and simulants available.  You should be well informed when trying to choose a diamond. Here are a few of the most common things you need to know when looking for a diamond in the instance you are shopping somewhere that does not practice a full disclosure policy.  

Know what to look for while you shop around!  

1 – Is this diamond CLARITY ENHANCED?  

Meaning they were stones that had undesirable eye visible imperfections.  A jeweler or person with that stone will have the inclusion(s) “treated” (drilled and filled) to be made invisible to the naked eye.  It is like having a cracked windshield instead of windshield replacement its like “filling the crack” .  Clarity Enhanced diamonds need extra care and attention for the lifetime that you own it.  If you ever have a jeweler work on your ring the jeweler will need to know upfront that your diamond is clarity enhanced.  You can purchase Clarity Enhanced diamonds at a fraction of the price of non-enhanced diamonds. For more information on the process do some research online or ask a professional. 

2 – Is this diamond LAB CREATED?  

Lab-created diamond (also referred to as man-made diamonds, grown diamonds, cultivated diamonds, and synthetic diamonds) are chemically, physically and optically identical to earth-mined diamonds. You can purchase lab created diamonds for a fraction of the cost as naturally grown diamonds.  For more information on the process of Lab Created diamonds do some research online or ask a professional.  

3- Is this diamond Lab Certified? 

Certified diamonds are diamonds that have been graded by a gem laboratory based on their “4 C” attributes of Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight.  Just because a diamond is certified DOES NOT mean it is the best quality!  It only means it has been graded on its unique attributes by a specific laboratory.  Different laboratories are more lenient than others as well, so your diamond grading can differ from stone to stone.  Be sure to read the fine print as well, your certified diamond could be CLARITY ENHANCED without your knowledge!  

4 – Are you noticing differences in the 4 C’s? 

Subtle differences in one or more of each of the 4 C’s can make a drastic price difference in the cost of your diamond.  If you can see the differences with your naked eye.  More than likely the difference of quality is greater than you may think.  All the variables can make big differences in the price point you may be looking at.  If you change one or more aspects of what you are looking at from one store to another you are no longer comparing the same thing.  Just because the weight, color, and clarity may be the same in the stone your looking at in two different stores, the cut can change the price and value drastically.  Just be sure to get all the facts while comparing prices.  

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