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Diamonds & Gemstones

Looking for a Diamond or Gemstone?  Contact us for price and availability. 

Know what you're buying and whom you're buying from!  Never buy something you can't see in person.  

Here at Brock’s we have a full disclosure policy, not all stores do.  What does that mean?  

We never want our customers to purchase diamonds or gemstones that have treatments, enhancements, or simulants that affect their value and future stability.  For more information.  CLICK HERE

We will find exactly what you are looking for.  

Here at Brock's we hand pick our gemstones and Diamonds by dealing directly with the manufacturers allowing us to drastically cut the cost most jewelry companies pay for.  We also hand set our stones in our facility ensuring the highest quality of Gemstones and Diamonds as well as craftsmanship obtainable in the jewelry industry.  We will beat anyone's price for the exact same thing!  It's our guarantee to you!  Make Brock’s your last stop.